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Prices below (valid from 1st Jan 2024) DO NOT include TAXES, which vary around the world and must be added.

In MANY places shipping is FREE but we have to quote you.

All prices shown are in GB Pounds £. We recommend that you use Google to convert to your own currency.


Nordic Explorer Single:


Nordic Explorer Double:


Lightweight Construction:

extra £1,216.80


No charge

Std Col: 


Non-Std Col:


Adjustable length & leverage, hatchet-bladed, carbon/glass oars (sculls):


Pair of camping hatches, factory fitted:


Waterproof, breathable cover, stiffening battens, straps & clips:


4 lifting points (often misunderstood) for use with davits or if you intend to store hanging from a ceiling; stainless steel, factory fitted to new boats only: 


Wooden Transom Protection, incl. plastic pad on inside, for use with outboard motor:


Folding aluminium launching trolley:


VTrolley with strap & removable wheels



On the next page please specify your essential choices.

You will see prices as you go through your specification.

Advice on trailers is towards the end.

(Road Trailers for UK and Ireland only:   see later)

Nordic Explorer morning outing